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Dinner, Anniversary, Birthday Parties & More...

In addition to regular house cleaning services, Exquisite Cleaning & Organizing also offers special occasion cleaning. Throughout the year, there are times when you need additional cleaning services. Perhaps you’re planning a big event, inviting a huge group of friends over for dinner or just doing your annual spring cleaning. I am happy to help!

Special occasions should be timed to celebrate, gather with friends and family and have fun. But just thinking about the cleaning can take all the joy out of the event. Instead of dreading the prep and post-party cleanup, let me help!

Our Special Occasion Cleaning Services Include:

  • A thorough cleaning of every room in your house

  • Wiping down all appliances, counters and cabinets

  • Dusting, vacuuming and mopping

  • Washing linens and making beds

  • Washing dishes

  • Setting tables

  • Hanging decorations

  • Stocking refrigerator/pantry

  • Trash removal

Special Occasions Cleaning

Let Exquisite Cleaning & Organizing Help You With:


  • Spring Cleaning
    Get every bit of mud season dirt out of your home! I’ll help you prep for another beautiful Vermont summer with a thorough spring cleaning.


  • Holiday Cleaning and Decorating
    The holidays can be stressful and while I can’t pick out the gifts for you, I can help you clean and decorate your home! Why not take some of the stress off yourself? (I can also clean your house after the holidays, when the tree comes down and pine needles.)


  • Pre-Party Cleaning
    Let me help you clean, organize and decorate your home so it looks perfect for the big event! Thanksgiving dinner, a family reunion or a big birthday party and more.


  • Post-Party Clean Up
    I’ll help you get your house back in shape after a party or event.


  • Moving In / Moving Out Cleaning
    When you’re moving, you have to pack up your whole life and think about cleaning both the house you’re leaving and your new home. But you don’t have to do it all alone! Hire a cleaner to help and cross some of those tasks off your endless to do list.


Want help cleaning for your special occasion? 

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